Working on that cluttered closet during your downtime?

Dated: April 4 2020

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We are all experiencing more than usual downtime at home right now so why not take advantage of it by decluttering your closet. The closet might just be the hardest place to reduce clutter in the home. So often, we find ourselves using closets as the one space in the home that we allow a little chaos. Whether we use it as the space to keep unfolded laundry or to tuck away things that we forgot to clean up before having guests over, closets don’t always get the de-cluttering treatment they deserve. Here are a few ways to reduce closet clutter and in turn, reduce the stress it might be causing.


The easiest way to keep your closet organized is to have a grouping system. You may not be someone who color coordinates your closet, but you can group work shirts together, and casual pants, etc. in a way that will make it easier to find and easier to put away. I know this tip alone has helped me tremendously when it comes to my closet.


Your current shelving set up might not be ideal for you. Take the time to group and sort your clothes an see what you may be missing. Maybe you need less shelving as a way to make space for more hanging clothes, or more shelving for folded pants.

I have lots of shelves and plenty of hang space in my closet but I found it very helpful to add some baskets on my shelves to organize my smaller things such as my clutch bags, wrislets and so on. You get the picture.


If you have a walk in closet, you can make your life easier by storing what you use frequently close to the entrance. If you don’t store away seasonal clothing, this will help greatly in making sure the season in use is always the most accessible. I mean it gets tiring if you are wanting one of those fabulous polo tanks for the golf course but are having to thumb through all of your thicker, long sleeve shirts you won't wear again until fall. So organizing in this way will be helpful. If you can store away I highly recommend that be the first option. I store away my out of season clothing in an extra closet I have upstairs, now that two of my kiddos are off at college.


The satisfaction of an aesthetically pleasing closet can help you to keep things de-cluttered. Get matching hangers, and invest in matching organizing bins or shoe boxes if your closet needs those items. There is something about walking into a closet that is aesthetically pleaseing to the eye. Am I right?

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